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The most comprehensive book of shadows on the android market, with a massive database of spells, hundreds of wicca herb definitions and a gallery of wicca symbols, this app will be a keepsake for any neopagan/wicca and all other individuals interested in a robust book of shadows. A lot of hard work was poured into this book of shadows, so be sure to read the information below.

This app consists of spells from the following categories:

Rituals & Prayers




Weight Loss



the Gods

the Goddesses

Emotional Well-Being




Dream Magick

Psychic and Spiritual


With simple to sue navigation, this book of shadows will provide dozens upon dozens of spells at a single click. This application was optimized to be the more user friendly and informative book of shadows on the market.

You accept all responsibility when using this app, some sections contain information that could be harmful and you agree to follow ALL WARNINGS provided within this app.

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Download .apk

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